Nadia Mirza Fake Account on Twitter

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Nadia Mirza’s fake account on twitter be-careful while using Social Media.

She is Broadcast Journalist, Senior Anchor and Executive Producer of Live with Nadia Mirza TV Program which broadcast on Friday to Sunday at News One.

As she has a huge Follower’s on Twitter that’s why someone used her picture without her permission and make a Fake Account on Twitter.

A person name Arsalan Khan ask her about his 2nd account on 3 Dec 2018, Monday Morning. And She reply him “Nope”

After that Nadia Mirza also take a Snap shoot of that account and Tweet it on her ID.

“Beware with the cheaters pls, this Twitter handle is fake, running by my name /ID. I have no connection with this account so pls do not relate any post or tweet to me if you see here. #Fake


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