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Pakistan Citizen Portal
Pakistan Citizen Portal

What is Pakistan Citizen’s Portal ?

Pakistan : As Imran Khan take Oath in Pakistan after Election 2018. PTI Government make lots of changes in system, Pakistan Citizen’s Portal is one of them.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf launch a Mobile complain platform in Pakistan to register complains from all over the Pakistan which name is Pakistan Citizen’s Portal. PM Imran Khan in a Meeting tell people’s about this App.Lots of people’s in Pakistan using this mobile App and register their complains.

PM Imran Khan
PM Imran Khan @ Pakistan Citizen’s Portal

We will tell you today how many complain are launched and register till today 24-11-2018.

You can also Download this Mobile App by using below links;

For Android

For iPhone

You can also find this on Social Website name Twitter by using this tag #PakCitizenPortalDelivers

  1. Energy and Power – PEPCO and SNGPL
    no. of complain are : 9505 and Resolved are : 6603
  2. Health – Primary Health, Secondary Health, Illegal Medicines / Quacks, etc.
    no. of complain are : 6679 and Resolved are : 1374
  3. Land and Revenue – Transfer of Land / Mutation, Complaints against Revenue Staff
    no. of Complain are : 6202 and Resolved are : 880
  4. LAW & Orders Police, Prisons, Anti-Narcotics Force, Traffic Police, etc.
    no. of Complain are : 6129 and Resolved are : 251
  5. Human Rights Violation – Missing Person, Child Abuse, Denial of Rights, etc.
    no of Complain are : 6200 and Resolved are : 637


  • No.of Suggestions : 21174
  • Policy : 10907
  • Procedures : 4285
  • Regulations : 4222

This is what Pakistan Citizen’s Portal received and do action in 24 Days. We think it’s a great job from Government for peoples of Pakistan.

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